Our writing team have spent years working in various sectors of the tech industry and have built up an enviable load of experience in that time. Hailing from different corners of the globe, but having the same passions for their digital careers in common, our writers take valuable time out of their days to contribute to this site, in addition to polishing up the UI reading through submissions and answering any comments and questions that come their way.

Karen Winter

“I feel very fortunate to be writing on this site, considering that I very nearly chose to jump off the digital ship when the dot-com bubble burst back in 2000. One day I was a fledgeling programmer, getting stuck in building new IT systems for a promising start-up, the next I was on my arse with my cap in hand! Thankfully I was picked up by a larger firm and was able to forge a career based on that harrowing experience!”

Cal Ashwood

“My Mum, bless her, thinks that I play with toy for a living, but what can you expect from a woman who refuses to move on from her ancient Sony Ericsson! I love to delve into the Internet of Things and am always first in line at the Consumer Electronics Show, whenever I can nab a press pass that is. I was the first of my friends to invest in a fully smart home, and although I have to deal with the occasional niggle, I’m happy to say that I live in a genuine home of the future!”

Rachel Meyer

“When I was made redundant in my PR role I was initially angry at the young upstarts that had made the skillset that I’d spent years honing obsolete. However, after a humbling year spent studying Digital Marketing with CIM, I was able to re-enter the industry with my head held high. Today I operate a small consultancy and help dinosaurs like me take their presences into the 21st century.”