Warp 9 Web welcomes submissions from all corners of the tech community, if you’d like to write an article for one of our regular columns then you’ll need to adhere to our submissions policy and be able to offer proof that you are currently working in the industry.

Submissions Policy

  • All content on Warp9Web.co.uk is intended to offer original, unique takes on the world of digital and emerging technology. We do not accept submissions that are clearly written with commercial intent.
  • We do not accept guest posting requests or offer any kind of link exchange, so please kindly do no ask us about this.
  • Please specify which category you would like to write within and offer some proof as to industry you’re currently working in, this can be a website link, or LinkedIn page, anything that proves you have the authority to write about this sector.
  • There are no limits or stipulations regarding word count, however, submissions will be judged on a quality basis. We retain the right to edit or correct any submission that is made to the site, we will always pass these changes by the author before publishing.

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